Consulting Services

Aerogel Application Consulting:

We provide Specialized Aerogel Application Consulting to plant owner reps as well as engineering firms and construction companies in order to help them determine the proper applications in the use of Aerogel products in both thermal and cryogenic applications. We have a great deal of experience in the use of the products in many forms of application and are in direct contact with the Aerogel manufactures enabling us to keep on top of new products in the world of Aerogels as well as new and promising applications.


Aerogel Application Training:

We are highly skilled in the training of workers for the Aerogel materials and have done several years of training around the world for contractors of all types as well as Aerogel manufactures. We have trained workers in many different type of applications from industrial piping, tanks and vessels to commercial applications, ships, over the road transporters, fire proofing etc.


Aerogel Design Engineering:

If you have an application that you are interested in working on with the use of Aerogel materials let our professional and specially trained consultant work with you in order to find the solution to your application needs.


Aerogel Specification Consultation:

Because the use of the Aerogel materials is still a new application in most industrial plants the need for specification alteration to existing site and owner specifications or development of new specifications is a great concern to most plant owner reps as well as to the engineering firms. NewStar Solutions Inc. is very well trained in this aspect of the project and will work with your engineering group or work alone to develop your specifications to the needs of your site requirements.


Cost Estimating & Budget Development:

Let our trained personnel help you determine the cost of your project. We have developed an estimating program to work with the Aerogel material and determine the cost of a project in order to help our clients look at the use of the Aerogel materials for their project.


Thermal Calculations for Piping & Equipment:

Have our trained professionals calculate the required Aerogel thickness based on your engineering parameters. We can determine your site requirements for the application and optimize your energy savings as well as determine your heat loss BTU/hr/ft and build an economics report based on this information for your project.


Project Planning and Scheduling:

Our trained professionals can establish a schedule that fits the needs and timeline of your project and create a project execution plan to help your project stay on schedule and within your established budget.


Quality Assurance & Quality Control Services:

Due to Aerogel installations being new to most sites the need for quality control is a great concern to most site owner reps and engineering firms. Our professionals are highly trained in this aspect and have a very strong background in QA/QC in all types of insulation applications. Let NewStar Solutions Inc. ensure you get the quality and professionalism you come to expect from your installation contractor.


Project and Construction Management Services:

NewStar Solutions Inc. is very well trained in project and construction management services for all types of insulation applications. NewStar Solutions Inc. provides construction consulting expertise to keep projects on track from inception through post-construction activities. Through all phases of the project we work to ensure you get the level of service you have come to expect from your service providers.


Our Products:

Removable Aerogel Flexible Blankets
Engineered Aerogel Tank Panel Systems