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Welcome to NewStar Solutions Inc

We are a major stocking distributor in Canada for the Aspen Aerogels products. We carry all of the Aspen Aerogels products in our Edmonton warehouse for distribution across Canada. We are also able to supply materials in additional countries if needed. Our President being a former employee of Aspen Aerogels was involved with assisting them into their entrance to the industrial markets and has a great deal of knowledge and experience with the products and the applications of them as is always eager to assist customers.

We are a very customer orientated and work with you to assist you through the entire project. Once we sell you the product we do not consider our job done there as we will walk with you through to the end of it in order to assist you with any technical advice, training or any of the other items we offer in our consulting services. Many of these services are free for our customers.

We are also professional consulting company providing a range of complementary commercial and industrial Aerogel and Insulation consulting services. We provide professional advice and assistance to companies of all sizes and at all stages of the construction development cycle, throughout the World.

The primary goal of every construction project is to end up with a high-quality product while staying within budget and on schedule. NewStar Solutions Inc. provides construction consulting expertise to keep projects on track from inception through post-construction activities. Through all phases of the project we work to ensure you get the level of service you have come to expect from your service providers.

Whether working as part of a larger team or as an independent advisor, NewStar Solutions Inc. acts as the owner’s agent at each stage of a project. With diverse professional experience in Aerogel Applications, Aerogel Design Engineering, Aerogel Specification Consultation, and Construction Management, our seasoned professionals provide the broad perspective and experience to anticipate and avoid unnecessary setbacks throughout the life of a project.

Each project is viewed as a new challenge, the successful completion of which can lead to further projects and long-term relationships. With repeat business and ‘partnering’ forming the major part of our business, our commitment to the highest quality of service is the key to our future success.

This ensures that the services offered to clients are managed and coordinated at the highest level within NewStar Solutions Inc. This maximizes control and ensures close alignment of our services to the requirements of our clients and consistency throughout the practice.


We actively refine and search for new ideas in the Aerogel industry which help to keep us abreast of best practice. Our culture encourages us to identify and highlight ways in which service delivery can be improved. Extensive research within the Aerogel Application industry, coupled with direct involvement with the Aerogel suppliers, enable us to share and contribute new knowledge and systems and offer innovative ideas to all our clients.

Customer Focus

We are a ‘customer driven’ organization and our primary focus is to align our professional services as closely as possible with the needs of our clients. Aerogel Sales Distribution Alberta – A2We always seek to utilize our ‘best practice’ knowledge, experience, commercial and cost management skills for the benefit of our clients. We also invest considerable time and effort in understanding our clients’ broader corporate objectives and specific operational requirements.

Our focus is to genuinely ‘add value’ to your project / enterprise via our industry knowledge, professionalism, specialist skills, commitment and innovative approaches.

Commercial Awareness

Aerogel Sales Distribution Alberta – A3We have ‘leading edge’ experience in the field of Aerogel Applications providing management and consulting services to clients in a wide spectrum of industry sectors and appreciate the commercial pressures under which our clients operate. We fully understand the need to secure cost competitive advantage and can bring to bear significant commercial experience on our clients’ projects. We always strive to obtain ‘best value’ for our clients.

Service Philosophy

NewStar Solutions Inc., service philosophy is based on service excellence. By ensuring customer focus, professionalism, commercial awareness, innovation and shared values. We genuinely seek to ‘add value’ through our project.

Our Services

We place at your disposal significant management, technical, contractual and commercial expertise and our services can be ‘tailored’ to suit individual requirements.

Aerogel Sales Distribution Alberta - A5Our core services encompass:

  • Sales and Distribution of the Aspen Aerogels Products
  • Aerogel Application Consulting
  • Aerogel Application Training
  • Aerogel Design Engineering
  • Aerogel Specification Consultation
  • Cost Estimating
  • Budget Development
  • Thermal Calculations for Piping & Equipment
  • Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Execution Plan Development
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control Services
  • Project and Construction Management Services